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Custom Gifts

Sweet Girl Cookies with our personalized packaging is the way to make your event or gift truly special.

Individually wrapped BIG Cookies, Sweet Bites, Sweet Bites Gift Bags and Gift Boxes can be purchased in bulk and customized with your logo or artwork.

BIG Cookies (almost 4 ½ oz each) $4.39 ea Min order 36
Sweet Bites (almost 2 oz each) $3.00 ea Min order 60
Sweet Bites Gift Boxes (10 Cookies) $43.00 (10) Min order 12 boxes
Sweet Bites Gift Bag (5 cookies) $15.50 ea Min order 12 bags

A one-time set up fee of $50 will be added to your order.  Prices do not include shipping or applicable tax. Quantity discounts do not apply to custom orders.  Minimum 10-day lead time is required for all custom orders.

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We pride ourselves on always providing you with outstanding customer service.  Our gift specialist will help you choose the right gifts for all your business or event needs.  Email [email protected] or call 866.473.3806 ext. 3.