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Where to Find Sweet Girl Cookies


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Charlotte Douglas International Airport:

       1897 Market – Outside Concourse A and the Main Terminal

       Ciao – Concourse D

       Farmer’s Market – Concourse B

       The Local – Concourse D

Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop – 116 West Blvd | Charlotte, NC  28203

Healthy Home Market – Davidson 261 Griffith Street | Davidson, NC 28036

Healthy Home Market – Plaza Midwood 1330 Central Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28205

Reid’s Fine Foods Selwyn Corners – 2823 Selwyn Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28209

Reid’s Fine Foods SouthPark Mall –  4331 Barclay Downs Drive | Charlotte, NC 28209

Rhino Market & Deli – 1500 W Morehead St #E | Charlotte, NC 28208

The Butcher’s Market – The Village at Robinson Farm 8410 Rea Road | Charlotte, NC 28277

Tip Top Daily Market – 2902 The Plaza | Charlotte, NC 28205

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